Calling Card Store

The online calling card stores deal exclusively in the online phone cards and provide easy ways to the customers to make their purchase of the required cards online. All that the virtual customers will be required to do is;

  1. Log on to the websites of the reputed online stores like the and enter the destination from which they want to place a call along with the destination to which the call is to be made. The database of these online calling card stores will enlist the best options for the customers, which can be further narrowed down.
  2. Next step requires the sifting of the online calling cards that can be selected according to the calling needs which can be, country specific, making multiple calls, making few calls, mobile calls etc.
  3. Once the online calling cards are selected they should be added to the shopping cards and the payment button should be clicked.

The payment against the online buying of these phone cards is managed through the reputed money transaction programs and credit cards. Once the online buying process of the calling cards is concluded and the transactions are finalized;

  • PIN code
  • Access number
  • Account balance statement
  • Pass code

is then forwarded to the customers on their specified email addresses. On receiving this information, the customers can start making calls right away without waiting for the lengthy verification process required in other types of the prepaid calling cards.