Online Shopping Safety

When buying the online phone cards from the online calling card stores one should be careful in selecting only the reputed and the trustworthy e-stores like the This way they will be able to minimize the risks associated with online scamming and be sure of buying the best options available in the online phone cards. The genuine e-stores dealing in the phone cards offer maximum security options to the customers when dealing in the money transactions. This is the reason even reputed calling card stores like Ontario Phone Cards makes use of the reputed money management programs like the PayPal, which is the global leader in the respective industry and collects information about the customers to sift it. The PayPal makes sure to provide only that information, which is mandatory for making a money transaction between the companies and the customers for online shopping safety. Customer should not forward their personal information to the online stores dealing in phone cards without confirming their authenticity.

Also, the individuals buying from Ontario Phone Cards have two options; either to provide the relevant information every time they make a purchase of the online phone cards or to save this information on the PayPal servers and forget about entering it again as, the software will forward the required fields automatically on every purchase to . Customers can view their access codes, the balance of their accounts and other related information making use of their specified email addresses and the passwords. The money transactions are managed using the credit cards as the paying tools, so that the customers can always make a claim in case of fraudulence.

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Phone Card Regulations

Phone Card industry is regulated as part of Telecommunications industry and overseen by Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).